• Play Android games
    using gamepads

    mouse & keyboard
    with 排列5免费预测Octopus

    Activate to enable Advanced Shooting Mode
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    Octopus 64bit

    For Fortnite and other 64bit games
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    Panda AI

    Online poker AI helper                    
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    Shooting games with mouse & keyboard, action games with gamepads.

    You can play any game, with any gear you want.

    All games, all gears.

    Octopus supports gamepads, mouses, keyboards.

    Works with any game/app.

    Delicate Control Easily Achieved


    Highly customizable

    Octopus supports complex key mapping for all sorts of gamepads, mouses & keyboards.

    create combo using any button as a modifier key
    smart casting for MOBA
    switch POV with mouse, fire with left button in shooting games
    more features for you to discover

    ROOT? Activator? Connect to PC?

    None required. Play ASAP.

    Install the app, connect your device, play!

    Life is short.

    Play more.

    Turn TV into a game console.

    Connect your devices with Octopus, cast your phone screen to TV, game time!

    Easy to use.

    Octopus makes things simple for you.

    Octopus Activator (Windows)

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